KİSBU continues its assertiveness, rise and permanence with Spunbond and Shoulder Padding Fibers and now moves up its success even further thanks to a brand new investment and fabric. 
KİSBU reveals its difference in the sector once again in 2017 with the Spunlace fabric, of which initial investments were made in 2016. Spunlace is produced in the facilities in Tekirdağ and it is produced in accordance with the production process of new generation facilities and international quality standards.   Spunlace fabric weights between 25 grams to 150 gram in a square meter and can be produced up to a maximum width of 320 cm. It can also be used with natural and synthetic fiber types.   Our fabrics meticulously developed with state-of-the-art technology in the most hygienic conditions targeting perfection, has a structure that can satisfy many requirements such as particle-free property, liquid repellency, liquid absorbency etc.